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Plug In Night Light

Plug In Night Light

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No Sleep Disruption
Fall Back To Sleep Easier
No Blue/Green Light

This ultimate night light is designed with your sleep in mind. Emitting a soothing and sleep-friendly red light, devoid of any blue and green light, creating the perfect ambience for a tranquil nights sleep. The plug-in design delivers lighting all night long, with an optional in-built motion activation mode for illumination just when you need it.

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The ultimate pure red night light. Perfect for when you sleep or move about the house at night, without disrupting your sleep.

The Plug In Night Light is a compact and powerful night light, emitting red light with a peak wavelength of 630nm which has been shown not to disrupt sleep when used after sunset. If you need a night light for after-dark use or whilst you or your child sleeps, this is it!

Plug it into your wall socket, switch it on and toggle the brightness setting to your desired level for optimal sleep without disrupting your circadian rhythm.

With 3 settings to choose from and an in-built motion activation mode, the Plug In Night Light is as versatile as it is circadian friendly.

Choose from constant illumination, motion activated or off mode to suit and enjoy sleep-friendly lighting anywhere you need it.

Sleep Friendly Plug In Night Light

The Science

Optimal night-time lighting devoid of blue and green light


Pure Red Light

Zero Blue and Green Light

Adjustable Brightness

Motion Activated Setting

Constant Illumination Setting


Promote better sleep and feel more relaxed

No more sleep disruption

Tailor the intensity of light to your liking

Instant illumination after dark

Continuous illumination that lasts all night long

Plug In

Continuous light all night or motion sensor activated lighting

Electrically Safe

Achieved gold standard electrical safety. CE and RoHS approved

Circadian Friendly

No harmful sleep disrupting blue and green light

Spectrometer Test Results

Results: 100% of blue and green light blocked between 380nm-600nm. Beneficial red light emitted.

Model BON CHARGE Plug In Night Light
Size 7.8cm x 6.9cm x 4.5cm (3.07 in x 2.72 in 1.77in)
Power 0.5W
Brightness 50 lm
Wavelengths 600nm – 640nm red light
Material ABS
Weight 78g
Peak Light Transmission 630nm
Light Blocked 100% of violet, blue and green light
Plug Type USA and Canada - Adaptor required outside of USA/Canada

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The Plug In Night Light emits pure red light at a peak of 630nm.

Both are great options for a night light, both offering constant illumination or motion activated settings. The Plug In Night Light is mains operated whereas the Motion Sensor Night Light is battery operated, rechargeable and portable.

The intelligent motion sensor setting detects movement in dark conditions and lights up. Illumination remains on if movement continues, and turns itself off after 15 seconds if movement ceases.

What Our Customers Say?

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Perfect! My daughter loves it, I love it and soon we'll have our house fully equipped with this night light.

Healthy Frontier
Great light

Sleek - perfect size. This is a great light with an option to be on all the time, off, or motion sensing. I can get to the bathroom at night without disturbing melatonin

Very cute

Works very well, I only wish the toggles were a little larger. And that I’d waited for the EU plug 😂 But I’ll probably but a few more…

Samantha Price
Worth it!

I use the red light bulb too. It makes me so tired it’s great. My husband isn’t the biggest believer in all this but he commented how much he loves the night light and that it doesn’t make him too “awake” for middle night bathroom breaks. I’m going to get more because I want them throughout the house.

Mary-Kay Usher
Love the red night light!

So easy on the eyes.. plenty of light to see what I need to see in the evening and during the night. Love it!

Plug In Night Light

125.95 NIS